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Café No.35, owned by Anna, is a calming oasis where guests can unwind surrounded by lush greenery and where the skylight floods the interior

with natural light, creating a welcoming atmosphere for

café dwellers and diners alike.


The aesthetics extend seamlessly into the carefully designed rear courtyard garden and has led to its regular customers affectionately referring to No.35 as

"The Garden Café."


With experience in both hospitality and horticulture, from a family deeply rooted in the culinary world and a background in garden design,

Anna brings a unique blend of expertise and adds a

heartwarming touch to the café's story.

Café No.35 is not just a wonderful place to eat; it's a reflection of Anna's journey, her family's legacy, and is a testament to how personal passions and family history can blend harmoniously to create something truly remarkable.





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